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TOPIC: The Rules- Important!

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The Rules- Important!
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The Rules of 'The Four Clans'

No spamming, which means no posting off-topic things.

No flaming, meaning don't be hurtful or mean to other users.

Don't join if you don't like Warriors.

No cursing or swearing. If you do, be prepared for a ban. If you see someone else swear, please report it to a moderator or myself. Crap is allowed. Hell and other worse ones are not (please excuse this post).

No innapropriate content.
-Any sort of sexual jokes and/or descriptions, this includes making characters in comedy fan fictions do "it".
-Swearing. "Crap" is allowed, "hell" and worse ones are not.
-Any sort of gay/lesbian talk. Everybody should be aware that it is definitely not allowed to avoid offending anybody.

Sorry to all who do this regulary in real life, but when you come onto the internet you need to stop.
Realize that there are young users on there forums and we do not want to scare them away or make them feel umcomfortable/unsafe in any way. So please do them a favor by checking each post for any innapropriate content.
Consequences mainly include banning.
Please remember to be respectful and everything on these forums will run smoothly for all!

No asking to be a mod. I choose them myself.

No back-talking towards a mod or myself in any way.

Please follow the sig limits. Sig_Limits
1 550 x 250 (max)
2 300 x 120 (max)
Both of these options can only have one line of text underneath them.

To see if your sig is an appropriate sig, right click and click on Properties. That should give you your sig's dimensions.

Name changes are allowed under certain circumstances. Read this to find out more:

Mods have permission to post on another Clan's board if it is nessescary to stop spam or a flame war (or something else totally nessescary).

Advertising other sites is NOT allowed unless the site is an appropriate Activeboard site (falling under the category of animals, eg, wolves, dogs, cats, etc.) or a deviantART page. You are not allowed to PM users asking them to join the site. However, you are allowed to put the link in your sig or bio. This rule will be strongly enforced, and if you get sent an advertising PM please report it to a mod. That person will recieve a short ban.

On the Fourtrees board, you may only post one quality thread a week. If you post any more than that, you will receive a short ban.

Posting Rules:
The boards that have categories stating "WidnClan" or "ThunderClan" can only be read and posted on by users that  meet the requirements. If you are caught POSTING (reading is fine) on, let's say the ThunderClan Board when you're in RiverClan, you'll post will be deleted. the second time you do it, your post will be deleted along with a two-day ban. The third time, well, you don't even want to know.

The Archived board is NOT to be posted on. It is only there so that closed threads can still be read by users and so that posts made in those threads are not deleted, thus lowering a user's post count. So leave it alone! You are allowed to read, not post!

Thank you for your cooperation. Have fun!

The Principles a Warrior Must Live By

1. Defend your clan from flame wars. You are allowed to have friends in other clans, but your main loyalty must remaim mostly to your own clan.

2. Do not hunt or trespass on another cat's territory (boards).

3. An apprentice must have been an apprentice for at least two weeks to become a warrior, and must pass a test about the original series.

4. The deputy of the clan will become clan leader if the leader leaves (this forum) or does something horrible that causes it to lose its position.

5. If the deputy gets in trouble or leaves (this forum), the leader must wislely appoint a new deputy soon after. The longest you can wait to appoint one is three days.

-- Edited by Moonstar on Monday 14th of November 2011 01:57:17 AM



Thank you Ebbs!! <3

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