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TOPIC: Rules & Info on Being a Kittypet, Rogue, or Loner

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Rules & Info on Being a Kittypet, Rogue, or Loner
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Rules and Info on Being a Kittypet, Rogue, or Loner

Table of Contents:
1. Kittypets
2. Rogues
3. Loners
4. What Applies To All

If you are a kittypet, you must first have a kittypet name. You may use this board to make a personal thread for your username. Your thread should have but is not limited to posting a picture of the house you live in, a drawn picture of your twolegs (drawn so no personal or google photos are exposed), and other information. Title it something like "_____'s House". Make it fun! Other Outside Cats can comment and mingle with you. Become friends with kittypets next door!

You can either be born as a rogue or you can get banished from your Clan if you wish. Then you will most likely become a rogue. This means that some rogues may have Clan cat names because they were banished, but some will also have kittypet-like names. Rogues are groups of roaming cats that band together, so find at least three other rogues and band together. You don't get to make a personal thread for each rogue, however, once you put together your rogue pack, you must come up with a pack name. Some examples are StormPack, ForestPack, or StreamPack. Just make sure it doesn't have any existing Clans trademarks in the name (ex. RiverPack wouldn't be cool).
To make a Pack, start a thread on this board titled something like, "Making a Pack". Then other rogues can come and join. You can have a lot of rogues join, but your pack shouldn't hold more than seven, max or less than three, min.
Your pack should make a thread just for them, titled the name of their Pack. Then your pack can hang out there and nobody who isn't from your pack can post. Add fun extras to your thread and make it pretty! You want your Pack to have the prettiest hideout, don't you? Drive them all jealous because your Pack is the most popular and has the prettiest thread! HA! In the overall Outside Cats roleplay, your packs will be known and recognized and if you wish, still exist in the roleplays anyway.
The creator of your Pack decides most of the stuff. For example, the creator of the Pack can decide if you get to have ranks in your Pack (like a leader and such).
If you are a rogue and you don't want to join a Pack, you do not have to join a pack. You have freedom. However, rogues usually always stick with at least one other cat, a mate, friend, kit, whatever, so I suggest that.

Loners are either banished cats or random cats that live in the outskirts of the Clans. They usually live alone, rarely with another cat. In a roleplay, you must not make your loner character join a Rogue pack or something. They are independent single cats that wander, kind of like Ravenpaw.
Much like kittypets, loners have the option of creating a thread for the home that they live in. This can be a barn, an old fox hole, or anything else that would fit in with warriors as a whole. Loners can include whatever they wnat in their home topic; links to stories, poems, news papers, and anything else they can think of (assuming it follows the rules.) You may also live with up to one or two other loners; however, anymore and you will be considered rogues in a pack (remember, loners are called loners for a reason!) A picture of your loner's hoome may be included in the thread, though it is not required. If you do not post a picture, give a description of where you live.
Remember, this is totally optional, and is no way required!

What Applies to All
Any Outside Cat may post in ANY Clan roleplay, as long as they remain whatever Outside Cat they were before (for example, you cannot join a RiverClan roleplay as a RiverClan cat. If you are a rogue, you remain a rogue in that roleplay).
Clans cats, as explained before, can be banished (this can be done in a roleplay, however you must point out that you're taking the banishing seriously or else people will think it's just part of the roleplay). Then you may become a rogue, loner, and possibly a kittypet if you find willing Twolegs.


1. You cannot switch back and forth from being a Clan cat to an Outside Cat constantly. You must wait at least two weeks within each switch.
2. If you are leader and become an Outside Cat, your deputy will take your position temporarily. If you come back within 14 days (two weeks) you can take your leadership back. If you stay an Outside Cat for longer than 14 days, you cannot get your leadership position back. Keep track of time! Same applies to any other "special" position (deputy, medicine cat).
3. There will be roleplay on this board strictly for Outside Cats. Be kind and don't flame/spam. If you are a Clan cat, do not intrude on the Outside Cats roleplay.
4. The current limit for the number of rogue Packs that can be made in one week is three. If there are already three Packs for that week, please consider JOINING a Pack that is already made. Please.

The current limits are:
12 rogues
10 kittypets
3 loners

Thank you! Please enjoy this new addition to our expanding forum!

-- Edited by Moonstar at 00:24, 2008-06-18

-- Edited by Moonstar at 06:39, 2008-06-18



Thank you Ebbs!! <3

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