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TOPIC: Striped Creations - Re-Opened

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Striped Creations - Re-Opened

Striped Creations
Welcome to Striped Creations! My name is Tabbystripe, & I make signatures, avatars, banners, & other types of creations.  I also do photo editing to any photo you may have.  I can add effects, or just enhance and retouch your pictures.

Want a Striped Creation?
Just fill out this form in a reply to this thread!
Message When Ready?


Name*: Dawnbreak
Item Wanted*: sig
Description*: Her lookin at something or her looking down at a lake
Text: Looking for a pathway to my dreams....
Picture: a black she-cat with dark blue eyes.
Colors: blue and black
Further Description: kinda like ebony's please


Name*: Florestadream
Item Wanted*: A sig, please!
Text: Further into the abyss she walks...
Picture: If you could, a black cat with green eyes. :3
Colors: Anything within the purple range. No pink, though...
Further Description: Stripes and such. Something really funky. Resta likes funky... xD
PM Alert When Ready*: No thank you!


Item Wanted*: Siggie
Text: Baby why'd you leave me Why'd you have to go? I was counting on forever, now I'll never know
Picture: Carrie Underwood
Colors: Purples
Further Description:
PM Alert When Ready*: Please

Thank you for visiting Striped Creations!

-- Edited by Tabbystripe on Sunday 14th of June 2009 06:12:48 PM

-- Edited by Tabbystripe on Sunday 14th of June 2009 06:44:49 PM


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RE: Striped Gifts - Gift for one of my Best Buddies UP!

Awwz!! Thank Sun! I love it!!


Thanks karma!
The cat in my avie is my character firestar/leaf. Not the character from the book ;)

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No problem, buddy!


ThunderClan Medicine Cat Apprentice

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do you have to trade? XD if yes, here's my form:

Name: Timber
Item Wanted: Sig
Description: make her lying down on nothing. timber's a silver tabby with blue eyes and white paws.
Text: Timber of the Whispering Songs
Picture: a silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes and white paws lying down
Colors: blue silver
Further Description: ....
item Willing to Trade: what do you want? XD
Additional Information: ....... sig please

you're hiding in the closet
once again, start smiling.
I know you're tryin', real hard
not to turn your head away
pretty darling, face tomorrow
tomorrow's not yesterday. <3


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Since its the holidays, and I just opened this, I'm going to let five requests go without a trade, so I'll use your form to just make you a sig. ;)


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Oh, wow, Sun. Now that you mention it, I noticed my sig shop dissappered too. O.o

-- Edited by Musicpaw at 14:24, 2008-12-22


And no matter what happens, I'm gonna h o l d  o n.

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Yeah, I dont get it O.o Its odd, and I know I didnt delete any, I never delete full threads, the only time I delete posts are single posts with innapropriate pictures/content.


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I found both of your shops, they're on page numero two. ;D



Thank you Ebbs!! <3

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Item wanted:sig
Description:Standing strongly looking over a cliff at the woodlands
Text:Pine forever
Picture: Up on description
Colors:Green, black, orange, white
Further description:
Item willing to trade: What do you want?
Additional info:


I am Jaggedpine. Just thought I should let you know.

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Striped Gifts

   I made a christmas gift for one of my best friends who I, literally, talk/text 24-7, Fireheart! =D I couldn't wait, and wanted to give it to you early!

Merry Christmas! Fireheart Fin..jpg

 I made it becasue you know what a Disney fan I am, and I knew you liked Simba and cats, and since this is a warriors site, I decided to use Disney Christmas cats.
   I made this with Clay-mation technique.  One day I went to California Adventure and went to an Animation building in an Animation place. I saw this amazing thing that animators use as an animation stage, before CGI.  It had clay characters, each slightly different than the other, and it was on a spinning base in a glass case that had special flashing lights. When it began to spin, it actually looked like a TV, and there was no trace that it was actually figures right in front of me, and that it was spinning. It was so peculiar and unbelievable. It was a form of Clay-mation technique. More common, final Clay-mation technique is done by taking pictures of figures, and moving the figures slightly every time. This can be found in classic movies like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, and more modern movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas.
    I decided to do the Clay-mation technique for the card when I couldn't find regular pictures of the characters I needed. I only found pictures of ornaments. So I decided to take the pictures of ornaments and use those. Though the pictures on the card don't move, they're still Clay-mation because they go in the place of an animation. Here are the ornaments for the background characters, Duchess, O'Malley, Oliver, and Figaro(They weren't orginally in a collage, I just put them like that).
Picnik collage.jpg

   For the main character of the card, Simba, I took a Simba ornament and actually didn't resize it at all, I just put it in the front and the other characters slightly in the back so he looked slightly larger so your attention would go straight to him first, like I wanted.

Picnik collage1.jpg

I hope you like your card, Fireheart! :3


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