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TOPIC: Quick Stories-Untitled 3/23

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RE: Quick Stories- Beginnings of the Demon War is up!

I've actually had the whole story planned out for a couple years, but I just couldn't write down. I have changed it slightly for the RP.



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RE: Quick Stories- Serpentine Wars is up!

New story that kind of relates to the Demon War, but does not explain to much about it. I plan on writing about the Slaviks the same way I wrote for the Berzerkers here.
The year thing might be a little confusing so I'll explain it: The Berzekers startd counting years before the we did, so their year count is ahead of ours. They aren't in the future. I hope it makes sense.

Serpentine Wars: Generals Journals (Berzerker)

The following story is made from the journal entries of the leaders of the Berzerkers. They are ahead in years and have only four months, one for each season, Brightsun (summer), Shortlight (winter), Greendeath (fall), and Rebirth (spring). Each month has 47 days.


2152- Rebirth, day 36

We have discovered a new planet. It is not far from our newest colonized planet, Hybrid III. The inhabitants are much smaller and weaker than we are, but seem to be much more skilled in creating. They have tall buildings and powerful weapons. Their cities are large, and so is their planet. There must be many good resources there. Razahn, General King

2152-Rebirth, day 40

These beings arent very powerful. Their weapons are strong, but once we get around them, there is nothing they can do. They call themselves humans and their planet Zipe. These humans have skin like the kind a furred animal would have yet they have fur only on the tops of their head, some dont even have this fur. These beings are much different from the others we have found and ourselves.-Razahn, General King

2152-Rebirth, day 43

The humans make me laugh. I admire their bravery, but they cant beat us. When they lose their weapons, they challenge us to a fist fight. Like they can defeat us with their bare hands, ha!-Razahn, General King

2152-Rebirth, day 47

The humans have retreated into the thick forests and are destroying their cities as they pass through them, but not before getting as many supplies as they can carry. They are much smarter than we originally thought they were.-Razahn, General King

2152-Brightsun, day 15

Razahn died a few days ago. As he was leading an ambush squad through a city, a building collapsed. A few died instantly, the others were seriously injured. A large spike had pierced Razahns stomach. I was amazed at how long he managed to hang on. His final words were Make them pay, and we shall.-Korex, General King

2152-Brightsun, day 17

Brightsun on Zipe is a lot hotter than it is in our home world. Its so hot, ponds and lakes are boiling. Some blame the Drakens; I think this planet is a little too close to the sun.-Korex, General King

2152-Brightsun, day 23

The heat is driving the quilletts berserk. Many have been gored by them when trying to go slaughter one for a meal. Things have been looking worse since Razahn died. I wonder if the gods are actually turning against us.-Korex, General King

2152-Brightsun, day 30

The humans seem to have disappeared, but I dont think we have wiped them out. I fear they may be working on something very deadly.-Korex, General King

2153-Shortlight, day 1

The humans have reappeared, but something is different. They are much faster and stronger than I remember. Some have strangely colored eyes and their pupils are slits. They seem to be changing, but into what? We need to find out what they doing. Things are definitely going bad for us.-Korex, General King

2153-Shortlight, day 7

I ran into another strange human while out scouting with a small squad. It seemed to have scales growing on its arms. Its much faster than the others wear and actually managed to kill a couple soldiers with just a dagger! This is first time a Berzerker has ever had to fear an enemy.-Korex, General King

2154-Greendeath, day 22

Battles are appearing all over the place. The humans (Im not sure if we can call them that any more) ambushing squads and slaying them with what looks like blades only. Just last week, Korex was killed by the leader of these mutated beings. They are very serpent-like and are missing their legs. Theyre long enough to coil around us and constrict us like a snake would. Theyre green scales help them blend in to the forests. I fear for the lives of myself and my comrades. This war must end!-Zerie, General King

2154-Greendeath, day 25

I met with these new beings yesterday. Theyre a lot friendlier then I had been told. They now call themselves Slaviks. They did not tell us how they managed to change themselves so quickly. A truce has been set up between our two species; the war will finally come to an end.-Zerie, General King

2154-Greendeath, day 30

We are leaving Zipe, but feel terrible for the Slaviks. Because of this war, they had to mutate themselves and destroy their own cities. I plan on sending them many supplies to help them rebuild. A trading route will be set up between our closest planet, Hybrid III, and Zipe. I hope they can forgive us.-Zerie, General King

A rivalry exists between the two species. When the Demon War began, the Slaviks refused to fight with Berzerkers no matter what they offered. Zerie is still trying to pay off the debt he feels he owes the Slaviks. He was 15 years old when he was made General King and is now 37.



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Oohh, I do that alot, Souki. xD

Your stores remind me of a Halo fan-fic I wrote once, Blizz. xD I'd carry it around with me at school for weeks trying to add more whenever I could. I never really finished it...


Here's my personal info. Don't hesitate to contact me if you ever need anything! <3



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I'm hoping I can finish this one.



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Quick Stories-New story!


This story follows Gunthero, an adult, blue-scaled leon who is currently a prisoner of war during the Demon War. He is being held prisoner by mechanical beings know as Omega Soldiers that dont appear to be fighting on either side. A description of a leon is available in the Demon War RP.

Gunthero's large paws pounded on the hard earth as he kept galloping ahead. The cart he was pulling rattled behind him as the wheels rolled over the uneven path. The Omega Soldier sitting on the cart pulled the reins to the left, Gunthero turned. He would stop and attack the machine and try to escape if he could, but the mask on his head prevented it. The mask blinded him. Without sight, he wouldn't know where to go where the Soldier was, if there were others nearby. The mask was what kept him prisoner.

He had attempted several times before to escape, but failed each time. He wore scars caused by his disobedience, the scars given to him by the shock flails that the Omega Soldiers wielded. The spiked whips that gave a powerful electric shock upon impact. Gunthero yearned to use their own weapons against them; he wished he could be free from this place.

The machine tugged on the reins, the large leon came to a stop. There was the sound of the cargo on the cart being unloaded. There was a tap on Gunthero's head, signaling that food and water and been placed in front of him. Lowering his nose to the ground, the blue leon searched blindly for the bowls. Upon finding the food bowl, Gunthero wolfed it down and then moved on to the water bowl. The food was dry and tasteless. The more he ate it, the more he wished to have fresh fish. The water was even worse. It had a bitter taste and usually had sand and pebbles in it. Occasionally, one would find some sort of insect in their water.

Gunthero lifted his head and heard the Omega Soldier take away the bowls. He hated how the machines treated the prisoners like some sort of unintelligent beast. He was leon, a proud creature that could catch the fastest fish and beat the strongest quillett. Gunthero growled softly and let the Soldier lead him back to his cell. The mask was removed once he was in his cell. The cell was about 8 feet long by 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall, there was barely enough room to move around. The small window at the top of the back wall was his only source of light. It was also the only way he could tell time, but there were only two times he knew of, day and night. Gunthero curled up and tried to fall asleep, after all, what else is there to do in a prison cell.

The loud sound of the bell woke Gunthero. Moving towards the back wall he added another line with his claw to the growing group of lines. 43. He thought. 43 days. Gunthero turned when he heard the door open. Food bowls were placed on the ground by the box headed Omega Soldier. Gunthero ate quickly and then waited to have the mask placed back on his head so that he can go back to work.

While he was pulling the cart, Gunthero heard the sound of a shock flail striking something. There was a loud popping sound and then someone attempted to climb onto his back. Gunthero growled threateningly and the stranger answered.

"Shut up and let me on! I just helped you!"

Gunthero reluctantly lowered himself and let the stranger on. Once they were settled, Gunthero took off. He hadnt moved so fast in such a long time.

"Hey!" The stranger cried, tugging the reins to the right.

Gunthero roared, turned, and stopped.

'You almost ran into that tree!" The stranger shouted at him.

"Well if you hadnt noticed, I've got a mask on my head thats making it impossible to see!" Gunthero growled.


Gunthero felt the stranger move and pull the mask off of his face. He was surprised by the sight that greeted him. Trees were everywhere. Sunlight made the scene look even better. Gunthero took a deep breath. The air smelt so much better when he wasnt busy doing slave work.

"We need to get going now!"

Gunthero looked over at the stranger on his back. They were human, male, and appeared young.

"C'mon!" He whined.

Gunthero snorted. "Hold on tight." He said, and then he leapt into the trees, jumping from one tree to the other. He was finally free.

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Nice job. I can't give many comments right now, since I have to decide how I'm going to go about this project, but I can say that I enjoyed reading the story. I'm going to take a random guess and say that the dude who rescued Gunthero is Deyna, but you never know, right?
Good job. Any idea what the next story will be about?


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Maybe it is, Wolf...

I actually need an idea for "The Demon War" part 2, anybody have any ideas or questions maybe about the RP?

-- Edited by Blizzardclaw at 00:39, 2009-03-05



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The following story is about two soldiers on the Pure side. One is a demon that no one created and the other is a human who lacks the ability to create demons.

Kaiser Dragon: Soul Part-Ice


Rekktor peered down from the ledge she was sitting on.

Cmon slug! The war will be over by the time you get up here. She whined.

Im human, remember? Blake shouted back.

Rekktor rolled her eyes and thumped her tail on the ground. Several ledges grew out of the side of the mountain. Blake scrambled onto the nearest one and began to climb again. Rekktor tapped her claws impatiently on the ground as she waited for the young human to reach the ledge she sat on. Blake climbed onto the top ledge and sat down with his back resting against the wall. Removing his helmet, Blake wiped the sweat from his face.

Hows that? He said.

Rekktor smirked, Not bad for a new recruit.

Rekktor looked upwards at the cave in the mountainside.

Looks like we got another hundred feet to go. She said as she stretched her dragon-like wings.

That cant be a hundred feet!

Rekktor just smiled and flew up to the cave, her red violet scales glistening in the sunlight. Blake groaned and put the helmet back over his dark haired head and began climbing again. Rekktor landed on the edge and changed into a bat dragon hybrid beast. Using echolocation, she checked the cave. It seemed to split into three other tunnels at the end. She couldnt tell where the other tunnels led to.

Ha! I climbed a hundred feet!

That wasnt a hundred feet, it was more like forty. Rekktor laughed as she watched Blake strike the ground in frustration.

Anything in the cave? He asked.

More tunnels.

Blake groaned. You can lead the way.

Scared? Rekktor asked as she changed into an orange leon.

No! Its always ladies first.

Nice excuse.

Rekktor stepped into the cave and sniffed the air. The locals had told them that the mountain was an active volcano and had erupted about a year ago, but the top had mysteriously frozen over. From a distance, it looked like a normal mountain, but the local Biolizards knew it wasnt.

Smell anything? Blake asked as he pulled out his EMP charged rifle.

I dont really smell anything unusual, but I dont smell any smoke either. Rekktor looked over at Blake. I dont know if thats good or bad.

I dont think we should worry about it.

Rekktor traveled deeper into the tunnel, Blake followed closely behind. Since he had been unable to create his own demons, the Slaviks trained him to be a regular foot soldier. He was a great shot and could nail a bulls-eye without wasting a single bullet. He had been given an EMP charged weapon just in case they ran into any Omega Soldiers. It had been discovered that EMP charged weapons did more damage to the Soldiers than regular weapons did.

They paused in front of the three new tunnels. Rekktor checked the tunnels with echolocation and saw that the left tunnel curved left, the middle tunnel curved right, and the right tunnel lead downwards, deeper into the volcano. Blake stepped into the right tunnel.

This one feels a little cold. He said.

We should head down there then.

As soon as Rekktor stepped foot in the tunnel, a blast of cold air hit her. She stepped back in surprise.

Whats wrong scared? Blake teased.

Just surprised by how cold it is. Rekktor growled.

As they continued downwards, Rekktor noticed spots of ice.

Shouldnt it be getting warmer the farther down we go? Blake asked.

It should, but

Rekktor paused; they had found what she believed should be the center of the volcano, but instead of magma, there was ice. It was everywhere. Giant icicles hung from the ceiling and large spikes jutted from the ground. In the center, spikes surrounded a platform. On top of the platform was a glowing chunk of ice.

That must be it. Rekktor said.

Do we just go up and grab it? Blake asked.

Thats what I did with the last one.

Rekktor reached out and grabbed the soul part. The ground suddenly shuddered violently. The ice immediately began to heat up. The icicles began to crack and fall.

Run! Rekktor roared.

Blake slung his rifle over his shoulder and rushed for the exit. Rekktor followed behind him, keeping a tight hold on the soul piece. When they reached the exit, Rekktor tossed the soul part to Blake and changed into the bat dragon. Blake hopped onto her back and Rekktor launched herself into the air. Lava burst from the cave, barely missing Rekktors scorpion like tail. Pausing, Rekktor turned to watch the lava run down the mountainside. She could feel the heat on her dragon like face.

DangThink the Biolizards will mind? Blake asked.

Well know if they start shouting insults at us. Rekktor replied. We should get back and give this to Kaiser.

Rekktor turned and headed towards the base.

Nice job, rookie. She said.


I don't think this is one of my best stories, but I still think it's prett good. Wht do you guys think?

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I feel bad posting multiple times in a row....Someone please post their opinions of my stories, otherwise I feel like I'm just posting stuff for no reason.


I'm pretty mad about what happened on the most recent episode of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I won't say exactly what happened, but I will tell you that one of my favorite characters died. That made me so mad! I THOUGHT HE/SHE WAS TOO IMPORTANT TO DIE! Hopefully I didn't give too much away with that comment.
This is a story I wrote about the now dead character. He/she died without a fight. There was no epic battle. They just died. I won't say how, but it annoyed me how they killed them off.
Well, here's the story. I wouldn't recommend reading if you're a fan of the show and haven't seen the most recent episode yet because it could give it away. (Don't think I followed their character very well though...)

Tribute to the Fallen
"Up on your feet!"I was suddenly jerked up on my feet. I instantly got ready for a fight, but then I realized something. I looked around, reptillian soldiers were everywhere. Where am I? I seemed to be in a desert, it appeared to be night. Everyone was fighting, the reptiles against machines. Why couldn't I remember anything. An orange dragon like beast stood beside me. it was probably at least seven feet tall. I looked up at it, hoping it would tell me what was going on.

"Go get it." Was all he said. Before I could ask what he meant by that, everyone started shouting. A machine stepped out into the open. His head was shaped like the reptiles, but it didn't appear to be on their side. It roared and tried to hit the one of the reptillian soldiers with its tail. The dark scaled creature dived out of the way. Something nudged me. I looked behind me and saw the orange dragon.

"Go get it." He said again. I growled and charged the robot. The mechanical creature was surprised by my charge. I didn't give it a chance to recompose itself. I pounced on it and bit down on its head. The creature screamed as it's head was crushed in my jaws. The scream caused an abrupt end to the fighting. Everyone was watching as the metal body collapsed on the ground.

There was a long pause as the soldiers on both side stared at me and the fallen machine. One of the box headed robots cried out "The Alpha has fallen!". Immediately all of the cyborgs fled. The reptillian soldiers slashed, snarled, and snapped at the fleeing enemies. The orange dragon was standing beside me again.

"Nice job. What's your name?" He asked.

"What's your's?" I asked back.

The dragon chuckled. "You can call me Steel Wing."

"I don't remember mine."

Steel Wing smiled and folded his arms across his chest, I noticed one of them was metal. "Of course you don't remember. You're not supposed to."

"Then why ask me!" I growled at him.

"To make sure. Head injuries have a tendancy to result with not all memories being erased."

"You erased my memories?"

Steel smiled. "The Albino Dragon did. But I do know all about you."

"Tell me who I am then."

"I'm afraid I can't do that. You must remember on your own." I growled, but the dragon continued. "Worry less about the past and more about the present. We'll let you get revenge later if you're good."

I stared at Steel Wing, surprised. "Revenge?"

"You want revenge on the one who killed you, right?"


"Not anymore, I'm responsible for your revival."

"Why? Why would you revive me?"

"Unlike most, you have some control over your instincts."

"What instincts?"

"The ones that they have trouble controlling." He pointed to the other reptillian soldiers. "You get these instincts once you become a Valcatto soldier. Don't ask how I know." He paused for a second before continuing. "This is your new body." I looked at my hands and studied them. Dark green scales covered them. I could feel my sharp fangs in my mouth. A long, powerful tail twitched behind me. It suddenly dawned on me. I was one of the reptillian soldiers.

"Your old body may be gone, but your soul lives on. Your new body is built to cover the weaknesses that lead to your death in your old body." He knocked on my head with his fist. "Your skull is thick and hard, and your helmet is harder than usual." He walked over to the fallen machine and picked up its head. "Your jaws are very powerful and your teeth must be strong enough to pierce the hardest metal in existence."

"How do you know this?" I asked.

Steel smiled. "I know what killed you, Gearsnapper. Your new body has been designed to destroy what ended your previous life."


"Your new name. Enjoy your new life."

Before I could ask anything else, there was bright flash and everything seemed to fade away.

I groaned as I slowly woke up.

"C'mon, recruit. Get up!"

I looked up to see who was ordering me around. The empty eyesockets of the skeletal head of a tyrannosaurus stared back me. I immediately jumped to my feet.

"You're scaring him, Rex." Another voice seemed to be coming from behind the beast that stood in front of me. I glanced around the monster and spotted a black jaguar like creature leaning against the wall. I looked back at the skeletal beast and noticed that he wasn't a complete skeleton. His head was a skull and the rest of him was covered in black scales with red stripes. His arms were also larger and more muscular than a regular tyrannosaurs would be. I looked back at the jaguar. It stood on two legs and had blue stripes cutting through his black colored body. He looked more like a living shadow than a jaguar.

"You ready?" Rex asked.

"For what?"

"The arena." The jaguar answered. "We're fighting today. You better be ready. It's time for the Draken Tourney."

"Don't bother asking." Rex growled before I could say anything. "We need to get going. C'mon, Jag."

I followed them silently, confused by everything they had mentioned but never explained.



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RE: Quick Stories-Taking Suggestions

I might turn this into an actual story, but I won't keep writing about it if it becomes ignored like most of my stories are. If you want me to continue writing about it, let me know, otherwise it'll be just this one post.

Half Past the End: Prologue part 1

The six eyed beast stumbled backwards, groaning. It swung weakly at a nearby soldier with the blade protruding from its wrist. The alien took a step backwards, letting the blade slice harmlessly in front of him. The other soldiers laughed. The creature was surrounded by the brown scaled, dinosuar-like alien soldiers. The gray scaled beast snarled and tried to take a step forward, but it collapsed on the ground. One soldier walked over and kicked it. The creature groaned again. The soldiers laughd at it as it tried to rise. The soldier who had kicked it before pushed the beast over.
"Just kill it already." One soldier said.
The other soldier grinned and lifted his gun, he aimed at its armored dragon-like head. A thick fog suddenly moved in. The soldiers looked around, confused. A shot range out in the fog. The alien then jabbed the ground with his gun. The muzzle slammed into the earth. The soldier snorted and looked up. Two blood red eyes stared back at him.

The beast watched the black flames devour the brown scaled bodies. A gray dragon stood next to it now. The dragon lifted his large battle axe.
"Taking what you give is not what a real god does." The beast said to the dragon.
The dragon grinned, his blood red eyes gleaming in moonlight. "I'm not their god, I can take whatever I want from them."
"Your no one's god, Kokerox." The beast looked up at the gray dragon. "No one worships the Draken anymore."
"We prefer to be left alone."
The beast sighed. Kokerox turned and started to leave.
"If the war is over, then why do we still fight?"
Kokerox paused, he slammed his axe into the ground. "Because we failed to destroy the one who is responsible. 'Beware of the beast who glows as bright as the sun'." The Draken of Life recited a line from an old dragon song. "Even the Demon Kings missed it."
"'Metal or flesh, we are one.' We nearly killed an ally. We nearly killed ourselves."
"We were blind."
"We all were..."



Royal Luddy XD

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