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TOPIC: Should we get rid of the Adoptables board?
Should we delete the Adoptables board? [29 vote(s)]

YES! It's inactive, and our site has too many boards!
YES! I don't really use it.
I don't really care either way.
NO! I'll miss my pets!
NO! I'll be so upset that all my hard work will be gone!

RiverClan Warrior

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Should we get rid of the Adoptables board?
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I'd like to ask everybody now to copy stuff that you have up on the site if you want to keep it! Once the board is deleted (if we choose to do so) we don't want all of your hard work gone to waste!

I would also like to tell you guys what hard work went into that board. We don't mind seeing it off, but the staff would just like to give almost all credit of that board (the idea, the rules, the types of animals) to Tabbystripe. She really worked hard to give you guys that extra something, and she deserves a huh-uge thank you.

Feel free to post what you chose and why! Us mods are always looking for more ways to improve the site, and no veiw is discouraged!


Here's my personal info. Don't hesitate to contact me if you ever need anything! <3




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what? i vote keep it!


"Well if we don't kill him maybe there will be death and destruction and maybe this realm will be destroyed and the Cykarie Realm (otherwise know as the Sye Realm in the future) will have a waged war with a realm Blackfang named after himself." Ryujini said then paused. The three of them broke out laughing.

ThunderClan Medicine Cat Apprentice

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I loved the adoptables board... but it's really inactive and stuff XD soo... i vote get rid of it =)

you're hiding in the closet
once again, start smiling.
I know you're tryin', real hard
not to turn your head away
pretty darling, face tomorrow
tomorrow's not yesterday. <3


WindClan Warrior

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That very top choice makes me cringe... You guys are sooo.... ugh... I don't even have a word when it comes to you guys and the "omg millions of boards."  =P

Anyway, while I voted the second/NOT PARANOID "Yes" option, I really don't care either way. I don't use it, it doesn't effect me, so... Yeah.

Note: Any content in this post that may or may not seem disrespectful and/or rude is meant entirely as a joke and a joke only. It is not to be taken seriously under any conditions, unless otherwise stated.

-- Edited by Wolf on Saturday 27th of June 2009 05:35:42 AM


RiverClan Leader

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So, according to the vote and what the mods agree on, it seems the Adoptables board will be closed, unless anyone has any last minutes objections. SPEAK NOW or forever hold your peace :]



Thank you Ebbs!! <3

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