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TOPIC: -Rules of The Final Battle- [Must-Read if You Wish to Fight]

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-Rules of The Final Battle- [Must-Read if You Wish to Fight]
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Read this entire thread if you wish to fight.

A fifth Clan will rise
Ruled by a Broken soul
With Ebony at his side
BrokenClan will rule

The prophecy that changed the way the clans lived is long over. The cats who fought in the battle have passed on the old tale to their kits from the Elder's den, and StarClan has seemed very restful. There haven't been deaths between clans for many moons, other than natural ones.

But not all peace lasts. Evil will never just disapear, and leave us alone forever.

Broken souls cannot truely be at rest
BrokenClan will only die when the tales fade away
Look not to your ancestors for help
They have done all they can

StarClan have tried to stop this from happening, but they don't hold all of the power. We do. 

An enemy has gathered followers from within the Clans, who will betray their homes. She has promised them ranking positions, land, peace, anything to get them on his side. They have waited paitently, following orders from their leaders to keep their covers. It's like the Broken battle, but this time he plans to rip Clans apart from the inside out, not wanting to get cats on his side, just killing us all for revenge.

They plan to strike at the next gathering. How will you react? Will BrokenClan take it's final rule over the clans? Is all hope lost?

You are StarClan's Last Hope.


A cat who now sees Brokenstar's point of view has rose as a new enemy. You may wonder who this is. It is none other than our very own Duskstar causing dastardly deeds. You decide which side to stand on. It's your choice.

The Final Battle is smiliar to The Broken Battle [for those of you who were there when that was fought]. There are, however, many differences as well.
The enemy wants our land. This effects not only the Clans, but rogues and loners as well, since they live around the Clans. Fourtrees is also being taken over.

[picture by Lily]

As you can see, alot of land is up for grabs.
There are alot of options for this battle. Just read carefully.

-Regular site rules apply

-You can NOT make any more threads than the ones already made. These will be the only threads ever made on this board and this entire board will be fed to teh Archives when the battle is over, so you will not lose any posts.

-There is a thread for each Clan as well as Fourtrees. In each thread, you can be fighting, trying to talk it out, anything, really. Just as long as its logical with the war.

-There is ALSO a thread for MEDICINE CATS. Any cats who are severaly injured in the war should report to the medicine cat's dens for treatment IMMEDIATELY. The med cats will treat you, all while roleplaying. Med cats CAN ALSO FIGHT IF THEY WISH. They are not forced to care for sick cats all day.

-Rogues and loners, since the land Duskstar wants includes your homes, you should bond together and fight as well. You are not excluded from this war in any way. As for kittypets, your land is not being affected BUT I imagine that lots of rogues and loners will beg for your help to stop the destruction of their homes. If you want to be part of the fight, say yes!

-You do not only have to fight in your Clan territory. You can fight anywhere. HOWEVER, you must stay in whatever territory you choose to fight in for AT LEAST 24 hours [real time]. Only then can you switch locations if you wish. The only exceptions to this rule are the Fourtrees and the Medicine Cat Den [but ONLY if you get hurt or if you ARE a medicine cat!!], which are open to everyone anytime.

-Each Clan territory is supervised by one of the mods. RiverClan- Moonstar, ThunderClan- Duskstar, ShadowClan- Lily, WindClan- Ebonycloud. They will make the first post to their territory stating their opinions on the matter. Then everyone is allowed to fight for their rightful territory!

-The enemies cannot take more land, but they can defend their borders. The four Clans can take land back, but they must defends their borders as well.

That's it. Please have fun, everyone! :D

-- Edited by Moonstar on Monday 14th of September 2009 01:10:24 AM



Thank you Ebbs!! <3

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