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TOPIC: Woodfall's Writing Homework (Erin Hunter Report Pg 1)

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Woodfall's Writing Homework (Erin Hunter Report Pg 1)

Here is where I put my writing asignments and stuff. ect. Yeah some are pretty stupid but some are pretty good. Yet I want your opinion. Sometimes if my copy and paste works I put some cool stuff in Here is my Erin Hunter report:










Erin Hunter

By Woodfall


Erin Hunter is a fantastic author! She wrote two series:  Seekers and Warriors. I cant wait till her next book comes out. The next book is called: Warriors: The Last Hope. Itll be great! Her last book she wrote was called: Warriors: The Forgotten Warrior. Her two series are both from an animals point of view. Thats my favorite type of book. A book thats from the animals point of view. Seekers is about four bears from four different worlds. I  dont mean planets I mean lands. Kallik the polar bear is from Alaska. Lusa the black bear is from the zoo yet she escaped. Toklo the brown bear is from the forest. And Ujurack the other brown bear is from a secret place. I know it but for you its a spoiler. Warriors Season one is about a cat named Rusty who ran away from his twoleg home to become a warrior. He makes friendships and has many misadventures before he becomes the greatest hero the clans have ever seen! The other seasons are for you to discover what they are about. (Theyre spoilers)


                There are a few strange things about Erin Hunter as well. Shes actually four people. Yet they just make themselves into one name so they dont confuse people. Smart thinking on their part. Im glad that you have read this article about her. Maybe now you will discover the world of the warriors or be part of the quest of seekers. I hope you read and enjoy her books!



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