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TOPIC: Holleyleaf and Fallenleaves tribute story. (Major Spoilers)

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Holleyleaf and Fallenleaves tribute story. (Major Spoilers)

In the book Holleyleaf's story, she goes into the tunnels and lives with Fallen Leaves. Fallen Leaves fell in love with her, but Holleyleaf doesn't realize it. (Now Victoria Holmes didn't say this BUT its quite obvious that Fallen Leaves loves Holleyleaf.) Then Holleyleaf left to go back to the clans in "The Forgotten Warrior." Then the great battle happens. So Ivypool was cornered by Hawkfrost, so Holleyleaf saved her. (Go Holley Go Holley. Have I mentioned I really like Holleyleaf. Shes one of my favorite characters) Hawkfrost mortally wounds Holleyleaf and she dies. (NO! WHY VICTORIA HOLMES WHY?!?!) and Fallen Leaves was very sad. So this is a fictional story but I think this should happen, after all Fallen Leaves is a ghost. (As well as Rock and Midnight. Did you know that Victoria Holmes said it herself, Midnight is a ghost :O) Now that you understand all that, you will understand this story.


Holleyleaf opened her eyes. She looked around. In front of her stood Firestar, Ferncloud, and... Ashfur! She stood up her fur bristling. Suddenly she realized they were all in the same place. "Firestar?" She looked at him. Firestar sighed. "I lost my last life in battle. Brambleclaw is now Bramblestar. And you are in StarClan." Holleyleaf turned to Ashfur. "I'm so sorry." She whispered. Ashfur smiled. "Holleyleaf." He started. "I forgive you." Holleyleaf looked at him. "What? You forgive me?" She was confused. "Yes, I forgive you." Holleyleaf gasped. "But how!? After I murdered you to keep your mouth closed and then told everyone! After my family caused you so much pain! After all what I did to you! How could you forgive me?!" She was practicly sobbing right now. "I forgive you Holleyleaf. We all make mistakes. Even as big as yours. I made my mistake falling in love with Squirrelflight. She needed to be with Brambleclaw. She is deputy right now. Plus if they weren't together, how could we have covered for giving birth to three such noble kits? I took my fury out on you three, even though you dind't do anything to me. I was wrong to punish Squirrelflight. If I had killed you in the fire, I would have killed three of the most important cats in history." Holleyleaf looked at him. "But, I'm not important! Its my brothers!" Ashfur shook his head. "No Holleyleaf. You too." Ashfur looked at Firestar and nodded. Firestar smiled at Holleyleaf. "Its not time for you to die Holleyleaf. Like it wasn't time for Fallen Leaves to die." Holleyleaf gasped. "Fallen Leaves died?" Firestar nodded. "But it wasn't fair to him. The spirits of the tribe and the spirits of StarClan gave him the chance to be cave spirits. And we are giving you that chance too." Firestar stepped aside to reveal Fallen Leaves. Holleyleaf gasped with delight and ran towards him. She pressed her nose into his fur. Fallen Leaves smiled. Firestar looked at them. "Holleyleaf?" He asked. "Do you wish to live eternal as a cave spirit with Fallen Leaves, guiding lost cats to the light?" Holleyleaf nodded. "Then by the power of StarClan and the Tribe of the Endless Hunting, you are now a cave spirit. The light around Holleyleaf went foggy and Holleyleaf found herself in the cave with Fallen Leaves. He grinned at her. She grinned back. "Holleyleaf?" He asked. "Will you be my mate?" Holleyleaf shouted with delight and ran towards him. Standing besides him she whispered. "Yes."


Holleyleaf and Fallen Leaves had four kits: Minnowkit, Stonekit, Collapsing Tunnel, and Bright Fire. They now patrol underneath the ground guiding lost cats to the light. They also visit in dreams, to help cats in prophoceys. Holleyleaf gave Bramblestar one of his lives. Holleyleaf has redeemed herself of the murder of Ashfur. She and Fallen Leaves continue to live in the tunnels. Happily Forever.


By the way I was never a fan of Ashfur. I still am not. But Ashfur's forgiveness made feel really happy. So yeah. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions ask.



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