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TOPIC: Rules of Becoming a Clan Member

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Rules of Becoming a Clan Member
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Rules of Becoming a Clan Member
Here you will begin your wonders of being a Clan member. Please make a thread and fill out the form below. If I believe you are worthy material (which you always are, no worries), you will get a ceremony to praise your apprenticeship. You will then be named and accepted into one of the four Clans: ThunderClan, Shadowclan, WindClan, and RiverClan.
If you would like to become a rogue, loner, kittypet, or Tribe of Rushing Water cat, do not order anything, simply state which one you'd like to be. You are guarenteed the one you ask to be, promise, unless they're full.
Here are the poistions you can be (the number after represents how many each clan will need):

Warrior (As many as wanted!)
Medicine Cat (1, 2, or 3)
Deputy (1)
Leader (1)

The Form:
Apprentice name: (must end in "paw")
Position you'd like to be when older:
What you look like:
Desired Clans, in order you'd want to be in them, or desired Outside Cat/Tribe position:

Also, if a lot of people start coming to this forum, I may forget to crown apprentices. Please remind me with a simple PM.
Thank you, and I hope you enjoy being apart of these forums!

-- Edited by Moonstar at 19:02, 2008-12-17



Thank you Ebbs!! <3

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