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TOPIC: The FAQ- Revised with Photobucket Questions!

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The FAQ- Revised with Photobucket Questions!
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requently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions thread! If you have any please PM them to me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. =)

Technical Issues:
Can I edit my posts? Oh course! Just look on the top right hand side of your post and click edit, then you'll be able to edit it!

How do I post pictures?  Simple, get the URL (link) of your photo and press the tree on the right center of the tool bar, then simply add it and your set!

What rank am I and when do I rank-up? Wondering what rank you are? Well find out on the rank thread.

What is a signature?  A signature is words or a picture put at the bottom of each of your messages, you can change yours by:
Click your name on the top right hand corner ("Logged in as -name here"), then on the left there should be a button that says "Signature." Once there a post-like box will come up. You can put words or a picture in it, but please don't make it huge!

Where do I get a signature? We have many "sig" shops run by our users in the Sig Shop boards! They will make you one if your request!
"OMG I HAVE AN IDEA" Do you have an idea to make this site even better?! We'd love to here it, I want this to be everything you want in a message board, so please don't be afraid to post you ideas! But post them on the right thread, there is a Suggestions thread on the Rules board, go post it there!

How do I send a PM? To send a PM to someone you simply press there name, and then on the left bottom there should be button to press that says "message."

Where are the PMs I receive? Simply click on your name (top right corner) and scroll down, your name should be there!

**Credit goes to Stormfur for writing the FAQ above!

How This Site Works:

Great. I joined. What do I do now? Well, you could start by becoming part of a clan. Go to the Choosing Your Position board. Click on the Choosing Your Poition Board Rules. Read those, then do what they say. Fill out the form and post it. You'll be noted of your upcoming ceremony and I'll discuss clans with you.

The forum suddenly logged me off while I was waiting for a name change and I can't log back in! This is what happens when I change your username. The forum will log you off automatically. You must log back in with the username I was changing your name to. That shoudl work. ;D

I was hoping to be in Thunderclan. Being in Windclan would be okay, but why can't I be in Thunderclan? Simple. Windclan is not one of the forum's more popular clans. If Windclan or another clan is behind in users and you wouldn't murder me if I put you in your not-preffered clan, boom, that's where you are. Sorry if this is upsetting.

Okay... I'm part of a clan... what do I do now?Well, you can do various things. There are many Warrior book discussion boards, you can post stories you wrote on the Fan-Fiction board, there's an art board for you to display your fabulous creations, and many others. Games and Activites has some fun online gaes you can play with other users, including roleplaying, and the Sig Shops and Galleries board is perfect if you love taking requests from users and making them sigs, banner, avatars, etc. There's a lot to do!

I recently became part of a clan but my rank says I'm a kit. What's up with that?Needless to say, it's very tough running this forum and it can get pretty hectic and busy. If I forget to change your rank, please note me with PM.

Starting Your Own Warriors Site:
*Admittedly, I'm not happy that so many new Warriors forums are being made, considering they're all exactly like this one, just run by different users. But I've been getting so many questions about starting your own, I'll just add this section...

How do I change ranks? Click on the user who's rank you want to change, go to Edit Profile, then check the box at the bottom that says Custom Title. Then type the rank in the available text box.

How do I make a board only certain users can post in? First of all, make a board. Secondly, go to Administration Panel<Forum Access. Scroll down to find the board you just created and turn your attention to the Access column. Click on the arrow and choose the setting you'd like.

Public - Anyone may view the forum. You may specify whether anonymous posting is allowed on the
settings page.
Members Only - Only registered users can view the forum.
Read Only - Anyone can read the posts in this forum, but only approved users can post.
Approved Users Only - Only registered users you have approved can view the forum.
Reply Only - Only the admin and approved users may start topics. Anyone can reply.

Then click on Permissions and check all the users that you want to be able to post/see that board, depending on the previous setting you chose.

*I got so many PMs on posting pictures on here that I decided to add this!

How do I upload my pictures? I suggest getting a Photobucket, especially if you're an active uploader. You can get this at Photobucket.com. So go there and join. Now you can start uploading your pictures.
Press Upload Pictures. Scroll through your files and double click on the file you'd like to open. If you want to open more than one picture (only if they're in the same file, though, or else it doesn't work) then press the Ctrl button as you click on them, and then press the upload BUTTON. Now it should start uploading your pictures. This may take a couple minutes depending on how many pictures you asked it to upload.
Once they are uploaded, the page will refresh and you should see all the pictures you just uploaded on your account with their own little space.

I can't find the links, and copy and paste doesn't work! What you need to do is scroll over the picture you desire to put on this forum with your cursor. Four links should appear directly under the picture. There are ones for HTML, email, etc. You want the IMG code one (or else the picture won't appear if you post it), which should be the fourth link down.
When you click on the link, it will automattically copy the link. Now you can just paste the link onto a post and viola! You have pictures!

*Still have questions? No worries- ask them! they will be answered. If they are asked enough, they will be added her for everyone.

-- Edited by Moonstar at 17:37, 2009-01-31



Thank you Ebbs!! <3

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