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TOPIC: The Guide to Changing Positions in a Clan

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The Guide to Changing Positions in a Clan
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Table of Contents:
1. Becoming an Apprentice
2. Becoming a Medicine Cat Apprentice
3. Becoming a Warrior
4. Becoming a Medicine Cat
5. Becoming Deputy
6. Becoming Leader
7. Name Changes

1. Becoming an Apprentice
Becoming an apprentice is simple. You'll notice your first rank is a kit. To become an apprentice, you'll need to simply fill out the form below and post it in a new thread on the "Choosing Your Position" board.

Apprentice name: (must end in "paw")
Position you'd like to be when older:
What you look like:

After you've posted your fille-out form, I will respond ASAP, saying that your ceremony will begin soon. This is all you have to do to become an apprentice.

Being an apprentice allows you to access all boards.

2. Becoming a Medicine Cat Appentice
Requirements: you must already be in a clan under an apprentice name

This position is for all you feline healers out there! It's very simple to achieve.
First of all, you must ask me to become a Medicine cat Appentice. Warriors sometimes can be ranked Medicine Cat apprentice is there is already a Medicine Cat in their clan. You will be trained by your current Medicine Cat, whoever that may be. If there are two Medicine Cats, either one of them can train you or both can train you. Whichever you prefer.

Please write a well-thought out letter to apply to be a Medicine Cat. Ask your current Medicine Cat(s) to add it to the first post in the clan Medicine Cat next to their letter(s). You will share the den. Rarely do I allow two or more Medicine Cat dens to be made, so most likely you will share. Divide up the duties and just be helpful. That's what being a Medicine Cat is all about.

3. Becoming a Warrior
Posts you Need: at least 100

This position is a little harder to achieve than becoming an apprentice was. First, you must wait two weeks since you became an apprentice. I probably can't keep track of everyone's weeks, so IT IS ASSUMED THAT YOU ARE KEEPING TRACK. However, lying to become a warrior early will do you no good.

After two weeks have passed, you will have to take a small quiz. The quiz has questions about the series, so hopefully you have read enough of the books to pass.

If you only get wrong two questions or less, you will pass. Your new warrior's ceremony will take place shortly on the "Warrior Naming Ceremonies" board. You will recieve a new warrior name (read chapter six for more information about name changes at this point). Beforehand I will have discussed a few possible warrior names for you, and you'll tell me which one you'd like.

4. Becoming a Medicine Cat
Posts you Need: at least 225

Aah- becoming a medicine cat. This includes mostly the same process as becoming a warrior does. You will first need to wait one week since becoming a warrior.

After your waiting time has passed and you'd actually LIKE to be a medicine cat, please PM me saying you wish to be one. I will respond saying you can be one- IF you write a well-written letter to your clan about how you will serve them. PM the letter to me beforehand so I can appove. It will be used later on.

In the books, a medicine cat's job is to make sure everybody's in good health. Since we cannot do that on a forum, the medicine cat's job is to make sure every cat is behaving. If they are not, they are kinda like an assistant moderator and will report to me, or handle it themselves. Medicine cats MUST be good at solving problems. Some medicine cats may be asked to be a real moderator, but not all.

Also, a medicine cat will run a News place called the " (your clan's name) Medicine Cat Den" on their clan board. they will post horroscopes, sports game scores, and other news. Please make edit spaces and post the letter to your clan in the first.

5. Becoming a Deputy
Posts you Need: at least 550

Here's when the position process gets tricky.
Becoming a deputy is alot different from becoming a warrior. First, it must be at least THREE WEEKS after your naming as a warrior. After that, you will tell me you'd like a be deputy for your clan. I will reply stating you can- IF (that's right, you guess it) you can pass a test. BUT you will also have to be approved by me and the mods. Anyways, this test includes questions from the New Prophecy, so you must have read that far to answer all the questions. You must get more than  half of the questions correct or else you don't pass. To retake the test you must wait at least three days.

If you answered more than half of the questions correctly on the test, you will become Deputy of your clan. Deputies are allowed to make a Deputy Den on their clan board and add some fun extras.

6. Becoming Leader
Posts you Need: at least 600

Becoming leader is the most difficult position to handle. First of all, you MUST be a deputy in order to become a leader (If you're clan already has a leader and you're the deputy, there is a slim chance you will become leader. Leaders will only get knocked down from their rank if they develop nasty habits and become unsuitable for such a valueable position). Also, if there is currently no leader in your clan you skip this stage. You must wait at least two weeks since you became deputy.

Anyways, deputies soon-to-be leaders must pass a test on the newest book: Power of Three: The Sight. Be prepared! You must get at least half of the questions right and you will pass, if not, you will remain deputy and be given another shot at becoming leader in up to three days worth time. It is a hard test, that's why the scoring is different. Some of the questions in the test ask you to answer multiple questions in one, so there's actually more than ten questions if you think about it.
The test was written by: Rainpelt! Thank you!

Leaders are one of the most respected positions along with Medicine Cats. It is crucial that you are a good leader, for most leaders are made into mods. Leaders currently have no special boards.
Leaders can make a Leader's Den on their clan board. Here's what i did with my den:

7. Name Changes

Here are the only circumstances when a name change is allowed:
-A name change is allowed if you are still a kit who hasn't been accepted as an apprentice yet. You may ask me to change the first part of your name. (ex. I can change your name from Firekit to Flamekit, but I can't change it to Fireblaze.)

-A name change is now allowed under certain circumstances. Click on the link to find out more. 

 -If you are making the loving transition from an apprentice to a warrior, here's what will happen:
Let's say you choose Fireheart. Your new username will no longer be Firepaw, you are now Fireheart. Remember to login in that way. Also, your rank will be changed. If you were in Thunderclan, you're rank which used to say "Thunderclan Apprentice" will now say "Thunderclan Warrior". Same goes for any other positon.


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Thank you Ebbs!! <3

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