Warrior Cats: The Four Clans

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TOPIC: Newah ShadowClan roleplay. :)

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RE: Newah ShadowClan roleplay. :)

OOC: Can I join? As Dawnbreak

He looks around the room
Innocently overlooks the truth
Shouldn't a light go on?
Doesn't he know I've had him memorized for so long?

He sees everything black and white
Never let nobody see him cry
I don't let nobody see me wishing he was mine

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Cloudypaw stretched & layed down in a mossy spot. His vision blurred as he fell asleep.


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ooc: Hay! I'm from an all-RP site, and I'd love to start out in my own clan's board. :)

Short -

Summerpaw [Female] - A tan she-cat with yellow eyes. 

Elaborate -

Moons: 15
Appearance: A tan tabby she-cat with deep yellow eyes. A fit body that looks built for speed, but is all muscle.
Talents: Fighting [She's never lost a fight]
Flaws: Bad social skills [Never knows the right thing to say]

Brief past -
   Summerkit was born with a Brother to a Shadowclan Queen in the Nursery. She was babied by her mother, Morningdew, and even more guarded when she lost her father and brother in a camp raid. When she first traveled out of the nursery, the sights and sounds were moore than she could have imagined.

   When it finally got to the point where Summerkit became Summerpaw, She was more than anxious to start her training as a warrior. She found it hard at first, but worked harder than any of the other apprentices. Hunting wasn't as much of a challenge, but Summerpaw stuck most to fighting and hasn't lost a battle yet. She uses her spare time to practice fighting moves.

   Summerpaw thinks she'd be fine on her own,but will take other's advice only when needed. She's not shy to say when she's annoyed, orif you're babying her; She's had enough of that in the Nursery.

Example Post -
   Summerpaw made her was quickly across camp, careful whese she placed har paws. The grass was dry, and if she stepped on it in just the right way, it hurt her soft pads.
   "Summerpaw!" The she-cat heard a familiar voice call from the nursery. With a sigh, she stopped ehr extatic paws and spun around.
   "What, mother?" She growled with impaitence. She was just about to leave and practice the move her mentor told her to go over before trying it that afternoon aon an unlucky apprentice.
   "You arn't going to fight today, are you?" Morningdew quailed as if a badger twice ehr size was about to close it's large jaws around her neck.
   Summerpaw sighed and padded out of camp, ignoring her mother's whines of protest.

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