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TOPIC: Shatterstep's Journal ::May26::

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Shatterstep's Journal ::May26::


Well I have been meaning to make a thread here I just never got around to it until now.  I will try to update every week but I am not promising anything because I have lots of stuff to do now that summer is out. Well that is about all I have to say as far as introduction goes.  Until next time Christian(:

thbooksCASERKHJ.jpg Books image by twilightforever76ththbookchall2.jpg Books image twilightforever76Booksl.jpg Books image twilightforever76thbookfortress.jpg Books image twilightforever76

Well it is that time of year again. School is out and everybody is running around playing and swimming, well almost everybody. Personally, I would love nothing more than to curl up with a good book. Below is a copy of my summer reading list so far but I would love to add more to it. If you have any more books you feel are amazing please feel free to post a comment listing them.

After DarkNancy Collins
Alice I Have BeenMelanie Benjamin
Bad BloodMari Mancuri
Blood is the New BlackValerie Stivers
Claimed by the wolfCharlene Teglia
Dance with a vampireEllen Schreiber
DevouredAmanda Marrone
Escaping the VampireKimberly Powers
FadeLisa McMann
FallenLauren Kate
FireKristin Cashore
FirespellChloe Neill
FlirtLaurell Hamilton
Gone Lisa McMann
Hearts at StakeAlyxandria Harvey
Hush, HushBecca Fitzpatrick
I heart You, You Haunt MeLisa Schroeder
ImpossibleNancy Werlin
Kissed by an AngelElizabeth Chandler
LingerMaggie Stiefvater
Lovely BonesAlice Sebold
MockinjaySuzanne Collins
Morganville VampiresRachel Caine
Mr. Darcy, vampireAmanda Grange
Nightlight: A Parody
Perfect YouElizabeth Scott
Royal BloodEllen Schreiber
ShiverMaggie Stiefvater
SpellsAprilynne Pike
Suck it UpBrian Meehl
Take me ThereSusane Colasanti
The Dark DivineBree Despain
The HollowJessica Verady
The Killer DanceEllen Schreiber
The Laughing CorpseEllen Schreiber
The OtherworldliesJennifer Anne Kogler
The Silver KissAnnette Curtis Klause 
The Society of SSusan Hubbard
The Unwritten RuleElizabeth Scott
The Year of DisappearancesSusan Hubbard
Thirst SeriesChristopher Pike
Undead UnwelcomedMaryJanice Davidson
UninvitedAmanda Marrone
Vampire NationArlene Russo
WakeLisa McMann
Way of the WolfE. E. Night
What I Love About YouKate/David Marshall
When it HappensSusane Colasanti
Claudia Grey

musicismythingblinkie.gif music image by polkadottz

This week Im pretty much obsessed with the song Im Not Your Boyfriend Baby by 3oh!3 and Cant Be Tamed by MIley Cyrus. In addition, a few of my favorite have resurfaced for instants Flavor of the Week by American Hi-fi and My Alien by Simpleplan. Wonderful songs if you do not know them you should follow the links under this passage.

Okay so yesterday was our last day of school and we were on lock down all day, we were herded like llamas through the halls and we had no talking or break, all because my best friend started a food fight. It was so epic and intense that they created a Facebook group for it! Everybody was covered in food and literally 35 people got suspended from the first three days Freshman year, not to mention Skyler (my best friend that started it(: ) got the cops called on him because he started a riot. Even though we were put on lockdown, it was so worth it in the end. Skyler Shane Pitts, you are a brave soul<3 This is pretty much all I have as far as school goes until I get my report card and class schedual.
160997.gif food fight image by Fiiaa <--- this is basically what went down(: All that is missing is me getting hit in the side of the head with apple sauce and Wren saying a stream of bad words that ended in us bolting from the room. l0l.

Ballet.jpg Ballet Slippers image by Mandi4191tapdancer.jpg tap dancing image by SideKicksrHOTTdance.png jazz image by bummyeJessicabynippy131.png Jessica Rabbit 1 image by Rhianon_Rules
You are probably wondering why I have a Roger Rabbit icon in my dance section well to answer your question my dance recital theme this year is Rogger Rabbit. I am in three dances and I hope I don't mess up. l0l. I have a ballet dance, a tap dance, and a jazz dance this coming Saturday. Everybody better show up or else it'll screw everything up! I hope it goes well wish me luck.

So earlier in this entry I told you about a few songs that you should listen to. Click on the picture next to the title of the song to hear it(:
Blue = safe for all ages
Green = wouldn't advise it for the youngins

 3oh3icon.jpg 3OH!3 icon image by GreyKitty011<--- I'm not your boyfriend baby - 3oh!3
mileyys.jpg Miley Cyrus Icon image by jjjooonnnaaasssx3<--- Can't be Tamed - Miley Cyrus
rock.jpg icon image by krystal1209<--- Flavor of the Week - American hi-fi
thaliens.png alien icon. image by sarahvvms15<--- My Alien - Simpleplan
music.png music is my life icon image by Evolminded<--- Dreamer - Kari Kimmel (Ballet dance. Not typical classical music!)
icon.png music love image by loveablecorie<--- Hot Note (Tap dance. Not sure who sings it and this is the only video I could find xD)
ththththmitchhedberg.jpg Tap Dancer // Morse Code icon image by tohmaseguchiismine<--- I Gotcha - Fosse (One of my favorite)

Well that's all folks!


"Well get there if its where we want to be and if not, well then I guess we never really lost anything in the first place."

J'aime un homme qui joue du piano.

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