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TOPIC: Raintalon's Profile


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Raintalon's Profile
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Thanks, Ebonycloud, for filling me in about this! smile

Apprentice name: (must end in "paw"): Rainpaw
Position you'd like to be when older: A warrior
What you look like: a tortoiseshell with light brown and dark red streaks.
Desired Clans, in order you'd want to be in them, or desired Outside Cat/Tribe position: ShadowClan or ThunderClan

Here ya go!


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ShadowClan Medicine Cat Apprentice

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U should so pic shadow it rules


ThunderClan Warrior

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NOOOO!!!!!!!!! THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just kidding. Choose what you like ;)



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WindClan Deputy

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Hey there Raintalon, unfortunately the name Rain___ has already been taken. Moonstar doesn't like to have more than one person with the same first name. If you could please choose about 3 other names you'd like to have instead I will get to your ceremony as soon as possible. Also, try to come up with non-standard names, all of those have been taken.



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