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TOPIC: EFacers - Accepting 1, expansion possible, Started

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RE: EFacers - Accepting 1, expansion possible, Started
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OOC: I figure there's no need to actually role-play waiting for two hours, considering there's not nearly enough material to do that right now, so unless you guys ask me to edit, I'm just going to time-skip to our deployment.

IC - sirG nahtE ,reciffO tnarraW - That one ship: Ethan watched Mercer drop from the ship on his monitor, eying the Lieutenant's Exo until it disappeared from view. As the ship continued to fly, he leaned back in his seat, watching the clock and going over the briefing again in his head.

"So if I've got this straight..." he said to himself, not transmitting to the others. "We're pretending to be dealing with this mysterious attacker, but we're also equipped to deal with said threat if we come into contact with it? Hm." He shrugged. "One would think they would want us on that job immediately, or would have sent other pilots after tham all ready. Whatever."


Two hours later, it was time to drop. Which Ethan did. The sands of the desert rapidly approached him; a moment later, he had landed, deploying his own skids. The Warrant Officer observed the area, waiting for a signal or message from Haus before moving.


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