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TOPIC: So, roleplays...

WindClan Warrior

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So, roleplays...

So, just like, randomly, I have an honest question about RPGs on TFC:

Where's the best place to aim one for maximum damage?


Just kidding. Here's my real question.

I've noticed that, aside from a select few RPGs run by a select few individuals, RPGs on TFC tend to... well, die. They get utterly ignored and then they die.

My question is, why? It doesn't seem to happen to some people--like Ebonycloud--specifically a really, really small group that seems to be able to create an RPG and maintain it, even without posting often, to the point where it'll get a ridiculously large number of pages (in comparison to the second group, described below) before they die, and that's usually only because the creator quits. Heck, some of these RPGs tend to be--honestly--not very developed, and yet they still thrive for respectable amounts of time.

Compare that to the second group of RPG creators--myself and Dragonstar included--who can pour a lot of effort into an RPG but who struggle to keep them afloat regardless of how many people join, no matter how much praise we get for the idea, no matter how much time we spend on it. Most of the time, we just end up getting ignored, quite frankly, or people will join and then not post at all. We falter and die within a month, if our RPGs even survive for that long.


I don't mean to complain--quite the contrary, as I haven't hosted an RPG on here for over a year, I think. I'm just curious as to why this is. Is it the subject material that we use? Is it just a stigma depending on who's running it?

Can you, TFC, provide me with an answer? :3


WindClan Deputy

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I don't honestly know the particular reason why certain Roleplays stay open as opposed to others. Surprisingly, despite the "success" of my role-plays, a lot of them never actually finish. By the time we get to about 50 pages or so, which is a lot considering, we've got about two people actually roleplay while all others have dropped out.

Thing is, my most successful ones have been the ones I hardly develop. The ones that are just specific enough yet just relaxed enough to allow for the story to flourish. I've found that my more developed RPs, such as one entitled Sky Dwellers, hardly stayed open for more than a few pages. It was one I spent a lot of time developing and it crashed and burned. I've also had a few others that I've spent a large amount of time on that only had a few people join and then die horribly.

I think one of the key factors is how developed it is. That and the topic. If there is a lot of time and specificity to it, I think that it intimidates a lot of people. I'm not really sure if that's a big factor, or even a factor at all.

I've also noticed that certain role-plays don't last long and I have no idea why. In my case, my most successful RPs have been warriors ones. They are so very unoriginal and easily predicable, and I don't understand why they get as many pages as they do.

I don't really think it has a lot to do with who is running it. It also may seem off due to how many RPs are opened by a specific user.

So, in short, I haven't a friggin' clue.



RiverClan Warrior

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Personally, if the description for the RP is too long, I won't join it. If the subject doesn't interest me, I won't join it. And if it doesn't have a clear RP format, I won't continue it. By that, I mean: warriors RPs are easy on this site. We have little sub plots that can progress without waiting for everyone else to reply. Where as, a RP that takes place in school, someone has to tell you when to switch classes, then when school ends, then when everyone goes to bed. If a RP has too much order like that, it gets annoying. Likewise, if it's a free-for-all, it becomes uninteresting. Just my two cents. <3

-- Edited by Lilyspirit on Monday 28th of May 2012 03:31:36 AM


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ThunderClan Warrior

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I seriously have no idea, and I ask myself that question. Like a while ago I made an RP, which I really had to think through but it didn't even get started. And actually I don't think that the warriors rps have more attention than others. After all most of the rps I have made in the past were warriors RPs. I think so at least. I'm not sure. XD So now the big question is yours Wyvern.

So I think its because of interest. I like cool intros that give it a way to weave its way into our minds making us want to join it. But I don't like it to be too long like Lilyspirit said. Yet then again sometimes the more work you put into it the less likely it gets to be good. Such as a while ago Jagggedpine and I made a roleplay. It took a while. So when I posted it only two other people joined. From there it exploded like a train crashing into a nuclear bomb.

So I know the answer! AND IT IS

The world is made up of matter. Everything is made of matter. Even you. So touch something. It is matter. Not to mention lightening. Do you know how cool lightening is? Its like a cheeseburger splitting in half. Boy I wish I had a cheeseburger right now. I also would like french fries. Do you know why there is french and fries I mean seriously its-

XD... I seriously have no idea.



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