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TOPIC: -Roleplay Ideas...That You Just Don't Want to Make Yourself-

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-Roleplay Ideas...That You Just Don't Want to Make Yourself-

Okay, listen up! I've noticed that roleplaying has been a bit...low, shall we say? Sort of? Anyway, I would be very happy to see more roleplays up on the board!

So here is my potential solution!

I know that some of you people MUST have some roleplay ideas stored in your brains somewhere that you think would be totally the coolest thing EVER if it was actually a roleplay and you would absolutely without a doubt join...you just don't want to make it yourself.

No worries, I'm guilty of it, too.

So here is the place to post your ideas for roleplays that you don't want to make but would like to join. Perhaps someone will see an idea that gives them another idea or gets them inspired to create a new roleplay! And POW! A new roleplay is born that could reel in some more activity for the site!


So yes, I believe this can work...All you do is just post your awesome roleplay ideas, and when you do, I'll make a list of them on this first post for other people to browse.

Enjoy, and share the brownies.


Current Roleplay Ideas List!

-Classic Warrior Cats RP

-Magical Warrior Cats RP

-Wolf pack

-Doctor Who RP

-A Continue of Wolfquest RP

-A Time on Earth When All Electricity Shuts Down

-A Group of Kids Go To Camp and Become Hopelessly Lost in the Mountains

-Le zombie apocalypse




-- Edited by Jaggedpine on Thursday 2nd of August 2012 02:21:11 AM


I am Jaggedpine. Just thought I should let you know.

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Great Idea! How about...

Classic Warrior Cats rp

Magical Warrior Cats rp (I tried it with MoonClan but that crashed and burned)

Wolf pack

Doctor Who rp

A continue of Wolfquest rp

And thats all I got ...



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ThunderClan Deputy

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Nice ideas bud! I'll put them up on the first post.

I'll also add some of my own, although I was actually thinking of making one of these into an actual roleplay...

-- Edited by Jaggedpine on Thursday 28th of June 2012 09:58:21 PM


I am Jaggedpine. Just thought I should let you know.

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